TriMaTech s.r.l. is an innovative start-up with a social vocation, founded in 2018 by three young engineers: Riccardo, Massimo and Marco. Inspiration for the project originated when Riccardo, one of the founding partners, met his wife Federica.

Federica’s younger brother Alessandro is affected by spastic tetra-paresis. He is the inspiration for an electric wheelchair, designed with special features that differentiate it from other models already available on the market. This chair would help people with disabilities by allowing them to go to the bathroom autonomously.

The idea was innovative but it needed some work. So, Riccardo called upon two trusted people to collaborate. Marco Magri to manage the marketing area and Massimo Tripepi, his brother, to take care of the electro-mechanical side.

The turning point that allowed their ambitious project to take shape was the overwhelming response and victory after participating in StartCup Bergamo. StartCup is a competition run by the University of Bergamo, that has been rewarding the best ideas of budding entrepreneurs for the past ten years.

The project participated in StartCup Bergamo 2017 under the name Hermes, inspired by the Greek god who has wings on his feet, the same wings that the Hermes project would like to give those unable to walk.

From this project and after winning the competition, the conviction that the initial idea should be further developed grew stronger. From this, TriMaTech s.r.l was founded.

TriMaTech aims to help people with serious motor disabilities.

TriMaTech is involved in developing the high-tech “Al&Co” electronic wheelchair.

Al&Co is the only wheelchair in the world that not only help its users, but also those who assist them in the most common daily activities as well as with more specific activities; it increases autonomy, improves the user’s relational profile and facilitates travel.